C360 Changes the World

Go bold or go home as the saying goes. C360 seeks to transform the realm of student achievement by helping students, teachers, staff, and parents to realize what they want for their life. We do this by facilitating, training, and supporting the growth of individuals as leaders, scholars, mentors, and supporters to make school communities places of peaceful learning. Our aim is to reduce traditional means of dealing with student outbursts and disruptions such as Office Discipline Referrals, In-School Suspensions, and Out-of-School Suspensions and replace that with positive behavioral support that enables students understand their own responses and to be supported by their peers. Peer leaders can help all students develop their skills in Awareness, Acknowledgement, and Action – our meticulously developed curriculum that encourages students to create the life, community, and future they want and deserve. C360 is a game changer, a school changer, a life changer and potentially a world changer. We dream big and want your students, teachers, staff, and parents to do the same so that educational achievement and life achievement are synonymous. Contact us today to bring C360 to your school.