School Culture and C360

More and more we are seeing reports of how school culture, discipline, and student achievement can be improved by taking on the type of work we do here at Community360.  Here are some important and recent articles that speak to the issue of why your school should engage with C360 for your students.

Our Director – Airick Leonard West speaks to this issue with The Kansas City Star in this column by Mary Sanchez – Cultural Shift in Schools Is Needed

This supports a new DOE/DOJ Federal Report outlining the disparity of discipline in urban schools that disproportionately affects black and hispanic male students. See the article here.  In addition, addressing school climate can address bullying problems as well. See the article here.

Shifting school culture is done by addressing students where they are – by acknowledging their experiences and their emotional responses that often result in behavior that schools discipline through suspension or referral to the justice system. Community360 enables schools to focus on mediation and restorative justice by developing awareness, acknowledgement and implementation of these action programs in their buildings. See the article here for how a California high school had success!

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